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Influencer Marketing services, we build a meaningful relationship between brands and creators.

Influencer Marketing Services

We build a meaningful relationship between brands and creators.

We enable your brands to reach millions globally with just a tap of your finger! Contribute to the company's substantial growth and success.

Influencer marketing is the real deal today.

This digital era has brought light upon a whole new generation of influencers, who were essentially opinion leaders rather than celebrities or sportspeople. Fashion bloggers, Travel vloggers, food bloggers & many niches - aid brands to reach new audiences, increasing brand awareness & growing loyalty.

Powerful influencer marketing strategies backed by technology & AI.

We have developed PickMyAd, one of leading influencer marketing platforms, which allows you to book your favourite social Influencer's ad slot. Combined with our influencer marketing expertise & tech, we are ready to make your brand go viral!

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Book your Influencer ad slot
Find, book, and collaborate with any of our most extensive network of Influencers directly on PickMyAd.
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An influencer gives you the face value to a product and, more importantly, a personality too. Make your reach millions!
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Measured performance report of your influencer marketing efforts. PickMyAd's actionable and straightforward reports reveal what's working—and what isn't
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All in one complete support
We support you through the entire loop with 100% transparency. PickMyAd system escrows your money till the Influencer completes his part. No room for influencer scams.
All Round Execution, Measurable Results

Let the Powerful force of Word-of-mouth be with you.

Investing in an influencer marketing strategy is the best approach to grow your business in today's world. Firstly, we, Amwhiz, understand your strengths, learn who your buyers are, and which Influencer reaches your niche. Then, through PickMyAd, we not only pull through your brand in front of the masses rapidly, but it also helps you build a reputation and goodwill.


Influencer Marketing Creative Strategies

That are Guaranteed to Achieve Business Goals & ROI.
PickMyAd, An Ultimate Influencer Marketing Platform

PickMyAd kick-started with the technology; One can sign up as a brand or Influencer on the platform for free. The former must complete KYC, while the latter must connect their social media account or channel, which helps in gathering their reading information and keeping it up to date automatically from social platforms (ultimately approved by Google & Facebook)

Every Influencer will have a dedicated Profile page upon successful sign up that displays all of their information, including followers, subscribers, newly added videos, prior work with brands, reports, and upcoming dates when the Influencer is ready to promote brands through different ways or Slots, along with pricing for each slot

Brands can quickly get to know the Influencer better & if they like their price, book the Influencer's slot (as simple as booking a ticket in BookMyShow). To make this loop more intelligent, every brand can use PickMyAd's AI match-making tool to get the appropriate Influencer. Every step after the successful payment was automated to reduce manual entries & errors in every possible way.

Book your Influencer Today in PickMyAd &
let your brand go viral!