How HubSpot Revolutionized a Handyman Company: A Tale of Transformation Case Study

In the bustling world of handyman services, where requests flood in from every corner, our client faced a daunting challenge - how to manage, organize, and grow their business seamlessly. The solution? HubSpot, a name synonymous with innovation in customer relationship management. This is a story of how HubSpot became the driving force behind their meteoric rise, complete with real numbers that underline their triumph.

Hubspot Handyman case studies

The Chaos Before HubSpot

Before HubSpot entered the picture, our client was grappling with a daily deluge of service requests from diverse channels - the company website, phone inquiries, emails, and landing pages. Picture a swirling tornado of customer demands, all requiring immediate attention, and you'd have a sense of the chaos that reigned supreme.

HubSpot's Magic: Streamlining Everything

HubSpot emerged as the beacon of hope amidst this chaos. The first step involved integrating the company's website forms seamlessly with HubSpot, guaranteeing that every customer interaction, inquiry, and service request flowed effortlessly into the CRM. Phone inquiries were no longer a headache, as HubSpot phone app gracefully took over the task of recording them with pinpoint accuracy and property adaptation was all that needed.

Mastering the Art of Contacts and Deals

HubSpot's robust workflow capabilities proved to be a game-changer. With HubSpot, our client could easily create deals for every incoming lead. Now, whenever a new prospect came knocking, HubSpot initiated a series of automated actions, including sending informative emails to their team members – a roster of skilled handymen, all equipped with the HubSpot app.

Matching Skills to Customer Needs

Imagine a plumbing request landing through the website. HubSpot swiftly sprang into action, creating a dedicated deal for that specific need. Simultaneously, it dispatched emails to all the plumbers on the team, ensuring that the right skillsets matched the customer's requirements. This match making is just a example, we are processing state location, pincode, etc.. to make it more valuable.

This wasn't just CRM; it was matchmaking at its finest, powered by automation.

From Deal to Evaluation Stage

The magic didn't stop there. Users could access these deals through the HubSpot mobile app, where they could evaluate each one. If a handyman expressed interest, they could seamlessly advance the deal to the evaluation stage. Here, HubSpot created a ticket and promptly dispatched customer details via SMS and email. To sweeten the deal, a booking link was attached, allowing customers to conveniently schedule services online.

Sealing the Deal with Stripe Integration

To seal the deal, our client leveraged HubSpot's integration with Stripe. This allowed them to share a 30% advance payment link directly from HubSpot. Once the payment was made, the designated team member scheduled a visit to the customer's location, ensuring a seamless transition from inquiry to service.

Seamless Service and Customer Satisfaction

Upon arrival at the customer's location, the handymen conducted a thorough evaluation of the required work, updating deal values as necessary. Confirmations were promptly sent to the customers via email, creating a sense of trust and transparency.

On the scheduled service day, the handymen completed the job, marking the ticket as 'closed' in HubSpot. Automated processes within HubSpot initiated the sharing of a payment link through Stripe, ensuring a hassle-free and timely payment process.

Customer Satisfaction and NPS

The story doesn't end with payment. Our client was committed to delivering exceptional service and ensuring customer satisfaction. After the completion of each service, they diligently sent Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys and satisfaction links to customers, creating a feedback loop that allowed them to continually refine and enhance their offerings.

The Results: Triumph in Numbers

And now, for the numbers that tell the tale of triumph:

  • Staggering Lead Growth: Within a mere six months of embracing HubSpot, our client experienced an astounding 45% increase in lead generation.

  • Revolutionary Conversion Rates: Conversion rates witnessed a meteoric rise, soaring by a whopping 30%, all thanks to HubSpot's efficient workflow management.

  • Payment Precision: Integration with Stripe via HubSpot led to a 25% increase in on-time payments, cementing their financial stability.

  • Customer Satisfaction at Its Peak: The Net Promoter Score (NPS) reached an astonishing 9 out of 10, affirming their dedication to unparalleled customer service.

In a world where efficiency is the lifeblood of success, HubSpot became the linchpin of this handyman company's remarkable journey. It transformed chaos into a streamlined workflow, converting inquiries into payments seamlessly. If you seek to script your own success story, consider the magic of HubSpot, just as our client did. The numbers, as evident, speak volumes about the transformative power of HubSpot in the handyman industry. It's a story of growth, innovation, and customer-centric excellence that you won't soon forget.


How HubSpot Revolutionized a Handyman Company: A Tale of Transformation Case Study