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WhatsApp Business for Marketing: the New Age Solutions to reach customers

Businesses today have started using messaging apps to reach their audiences. These app user bases are growing at a fast phase with already over 2 billion people on Whatsapp alone. Again India is so leading in the numbers with 487.5 million active users. “Building relationship is the key for any business” being said, WhatsApp business API can be very beneficial to all businesses, especially in India. 

Traditional communication networks lack two significant features: personalization and genuineness. Whatsapp marketing becomes distinct here. Before we dive in deep, let’s see what the difference is between Whatsapp business API and normal Whatsapp. You can also read the Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing here

WhatsApp Business has all the functionality of regular WhatsApp, in addition to it, a few marketing tools have been built in. WhatsApp Business is free software available on both the iOS app store and the Andriod play store. So far small business owners used this app for their business needs whereas large enterprises had the opportunity to use WhatsApp business API to communicate and market their product/service. 

Nevertheless Whatsapp business is still prominent and useful for many small businesses. 

Few are advantages it has over regular personal Whatsapp. 

  1. Business Profile
  2. Quick Replies
  3. Automatic Greeting Message
  4. Automatic Away Message
  5. Contacts Labels
  6. Message Statistics
  7. Catalogs
  8. Interactive Business Message
  9. List Messages and Reply Buttons
  10. Facebook Shops Integration
  11. WhatsApp Payments in India

Now let’s see what we have on WhatsApp Business API

Whatsapp business API is specifically made for businesses who either large or looking to grow large. 

By this we mean, businesses that have a huge number of conversions on Whatsapp and can't able to handle in one Whatsapp business account. Whatsapp business API allows the company to handle one Whatsapp account by many agents. (without API, one account - one user only). 

Few added advantages over the Whatsapp Business app

  1. Multiple users can use the same account at a time. No restrictions.
  2. Can apply for Name and green tick, instead of using WhatsApp number 
  3. WhatsApp marketing messages can be sent with quick replies in bulk with personalisation.
  4. Can build Chatbots on WhatsApp, reducing huge time delays & agent work. 
  5. Integrated with your CRM, trigger notification messages on every event. 
  6. Set up quick replies and documents to be shared on the go. 
  7. Sequences and triggers can be automated
  8. Not just greeting messages, build an entire chatbot for user-initiated conversations.

Now you must understand how WhatsApp business API can ease your entire business process and gather more conversions with fewer efforts


Way forward

WhatsApp is an excellent tool for connecting with your target audience, for establishing relationships, for promoting your business, product, or service, and for communicating with them in real-time. Whatsapp being the single more used messaging platform in India with an open rate of more than 90%, no business should step back from it. 

Amwhiz has assisted many organizations in setting up their entire business around Whatsapp API. we can do the same for you. Contact us now.