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5 Ecommerce Websites (including Shopify sites) Design Mistakes that Kill Your Sales in 2022

The most important thing for any business owner is to understand how to drive traffic to their website. This includes understanding how to use SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to ensure that people find your site when they search online. Without which your website is as good as a beautiful phone made of stone! A perfectly designer website is said to give 15X more returns than otherwise. 

Poorly Designed Landing Pages

A landing page is a web page designed specifically to entice visitors to take some kind of action. It should contain clear calls to action, such as “Buy Now!” or “Sign Up!” If you’re not using landing pages effectively, you’re losing out on potential customers who might otherwise convert into paying clients.


Strong and clear value propositions

Most online retailers are unaware of the need of having a distinct value proposition on their websites, which makes it difficult for customers to understand what exactly they are buying from them.

By value proposition what we mean is to explain to the visitor clearly why should they proceed to the next step. Designing with strong values helps people to decide, and if the target has a requirement that the value meets, it's done. It's not always the SEO that has to be in thought your buyer and the solution you provide them matters. Remember when it comes to online, your rival is just a tap away!


Elements that have to be kept in mind for a strong value proposition:

  1. A catchy headline with simple terms in an important bold position
  2. Add a CTA below or showcase your best discount under the value proposed
  3. Complement with a good picture. 


Always keep more than one image (keep different angles) 

We are speaking about an online eCommerce store, thus your customer can’t feel it by touch. So keep as many angle images as possible for the product. The quality of the image should be compromised at any cost. (Images speaks!)

Without the high-quality image and multi-angle option, you are leaving a high chance of missing out on a conversion. Having them right builds trust and confidence in buying the products. 

Now you can keep a 360-degree product video, by that way, you can be sure nothing is missed out! 


Design a trustworthy checkout page to reduce abandoned cart

Did you know, that seven out of ten added to the cart were left without completing the payment. No business wants to leave out such a huge volume, so why not have a trustworthy checkout page design! 


This can start with having an SSL certificate. Also, keep a security subscription badge like McAfee, Norton, Verisign, TrustPay, etc.

Keep displaying your return policy bright and shipping terms clear. 


Display their orders on the cart page clearly

Usually, people tend to add more in their cart and delete a view before checking out, which includes extra quality, changed sizes, colors & different products. So displaying them clearly about their order product on the cart page is a must in your design list! 


Following are a few lists of things, that should be shown clearly,

  1. A small clear image of the product along with its name and specs
  2. Price of the products
  3. Quantity of the products
  4. A clear split of charges like shipping, taxes etc.. 


Have a compelling responsive design! 

No need for any explanation here! The world is moving to mobile-first designs and hence when you are planning for an eCommerce website design, keep it fully responsive from the home page last checkout page. This is to save 80% of your whole business, that’s actually people use mobile for making purchase! 

Social commerce is a whole deal that has almost 96% of its selling through mobile phones. By every way, your responsive should look professional and compelling. 

The greatest method to benefit from online retailers is to provide a flawless mobile experience, like the one seen above. The conversion rate on your eCommerce site will undoubtedly increase if responsiveness is built into every aspect of the design.



The above-mentioned points are clear aftermath of normal e-commerce designs that compromise designing home pages, landing pages, faqs, product pages, etc. Shopify e-commerce stores usually don't have any of the above-said design issues as their inbuild setting helps remove these issues such as checkout page, SSL & responsiveness. 

Creating a compelling website, by understanding your business customer journey and planning a beautiful design is what we do for years! There are lot more advantages to a Shopify site when compared to woo commerce or Magento site! Know more here.  

We’re Shopify experts & partners based in Chennai. We can help you set up the best e-commerce store. Contact us today for any support and expert opinion.