10 Ways to Improve Your Ecommerce Website Conversion Rate

Your decision to bring your products online is the need of the hour! Yes, people are continuously increasing in buying their wants online instead of visiting offline saving their time & effort. Now have built an E-commerce website with the right design factors to keep the purchase flow effective but still you have a lot of room to improve your conversion rate! Let’s brush ten things you need to do to increase your conversion rate.

1. Provide live chat support to your visitors 

New customers generally have a lot of questions before making the final decision and they expect someone to support their queries instantly. As per the data, live support increases the conversion rate typically by 20%. (that’s a wow!) 

For example, say you sell watches online and a visitor after reaching your site via google search what to know the delivery time before placing the order, if your live agent can support them instantly, poof! Your received an order and made a sale! In case the visitor doesn’t get the answer, his immediate thought would be to reach the next search results on google. 

Building a live chatbot in WhatsApp can be one of the best ways to engage with a customer! Know more from experts here. 


2. Sent Abandoned Cart emails/notifications  

Abandoned cart email or Whatsapp notifications is a highly used yet effective method when it comes to improving conversion rate. The global rate of abandoned carts is around 75.8% on average. There are various reasons for people leaving the products added to the cart and left. Any good seller would like to know the reason and eliminate them, it can be a failure of payment gateway, a better price on other sites, expected soon delivery, etc.

To back with data, the abandoned cart email sent within 3 hours, gets a 40% open rate and a 20% click-through rate. Finally, a 10% improvement in conversion can be achieved through this method.  Whatsapp message notification for abandoned carts has a whooping 90% open rate and 60% click-through rate! Know how to set up WhatsApp notifications now. 


3. Fully Responsive mobile site is a must!  

With over 75% of purchases made online is through mobile devices, your e-commerce store has to be optimized for mobile view. A great mobile experience can improve the conversion rate highly! 

Here Shopify eCommerce store does a great job of providing fully responsive mobile experiences, let alone that, Shopify has so many advantages when it comes to e-commerce!


4. Good Product Description and sections on the product page

The Product description is something that explains more and delights the customer without that there is no questions or abandoned cart, they just leave! so provide a detailed product description in sections with the heading. 

Don’t forget to optimize the product page for SEO, High traffic is important to improve the conversion rate and search engine ranking pages a major is bringing quality traffic. Know more about how to improve the SEO page of the Shopify e-commerce store! 


5. A/B test your web pages & landing pages

The most important technique to improve conversion rate would be split testing your website! This can start with trying out different CTAs, headlines, images and flows. A split test can also be done to emails sent for abandoned carts. 


6. Use High-quality images and videos 

The best thing that you can do to improve the conversion rate is to use high-quality images and videos of real product images. Do not deviate with duplicate or morphed images, as always any customer would expect to receive the same product they see online. 

Keep the images with Alt tag, so that your products can be ranked better in image search engines. 


7. Personalisation setup can be powerful for eCommerce 

With good tracking codes, you can keep track of your customer activities and engagements. Thereby handling them with personalized coupon codes and festival seasons that matter to them. Retarget them in various channels with the products they would like to make the purchase.


8. Testimonials and customer reviews

Presenting customer reviews is a must as 64% of people would like to read customer reviews before they make a purchase online. There is an 18% increase in conversion rate when the website displays customer reviews on the product page. 

To get customer reviews submission, share the review form over email after a week of delivery or pop up to show the product the next time they visit your site. This undoubtedly increases conversion and develops consumer confidence.


9. Send creative emails invoices 

Every e-commerce platform shares the invoice receipts after a purchase is made. But you can always add a personalized product list that makes the right context to the purchase made. By the data, a whopping 80% of customer clicks them and checks the products. The customers are ready to make the purchase based on the recommendations, so an expert's opinions added to the emails can make sense to them. 


 10. Build loyalty with your customers 

Trust building is difficult these days and it's highly based on the products they receive yet this is an important step in improving the conversion rate. You can build trust by following include your company's physical address, introducing your team and including pictures of them, linking to articles and blogs written by other people, including genuine and authentic customer reviews and testimonials, making communication simple and live, and making the site appear user-friendly and professional in order to gain the trust of your audience. 


Way forward

These are so important steps that are to be followed to improve conversion rate yet these alone are not enough. With over 10 years of experience, the Amwhiz team is ready to improve the conversion rate for you. To know more about custom solutions to improve your site, contact our experts now. 

10 Ways to Improve Your Ecommerce Website Conversion Rate